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Low cost finance and hassle free!

VanChamp will not only supply you your new van at fantastic prices but we also arrange the lowest cost finance package that will suit you or your business needs. We deal with several finance companies and will always look for the best available rate....making the whole transaction simple and hassle free for you.

We cater for individual sole traders, Limited Companies or LLPs and no matter whether you are looking for Contract Hire, Finance Lease, Hire Purchase or Finance Purchase on just one or several vehicles; we will tailor a great finance deal for you.

Don't be fooled by low advertised rates.

Many of our competitors will advertise a low monthly rate...the bait to tempt you. But then you find there is often a large deposit involved and more often than not a huge balloon or final payment.

We too are guilty of advertising our lowest monthly rates, but you can rest assured that the deal that we are offering will still be one of the cheapest finance deals out there when you tot it all up.

Here's an example of the above.

The quickest way to calculate who is offering the best like for like deal is to multiply the monthly payment figure by the term (i.e. 60 months would be typically be 59 payments, but not necessarily) then add the deposit and the balloon payment for a total figure.

Deal A: ZERO DEPOSIT & ONLY £209 p.m  OR

Deal B:
£1274.94 DEPOSIT & £212 p.m

The answer is Deal B................WHY? - Look at the details of deal to know what you are getting in to NOT JUST THE HEADLINE RATE!

 Deal A (details) Deal B (details)
Monthly Payment:£209.00£212.00
Balloon Payment:£6495.50
Term:60 months60 months

You can work it out yourself!

                 Term  x  Monthly   =  Subtotal    +   Deposit   +    Balloon    =   Total Paid

Deal A:     59       £209.00       £12, 331        £0.00          £6495.50     £18,826.50

Deal B:     59       £212.00       £12,508         £1274.95    £4,366.20    £18,149.15

Deal B not only saves you £677.35 in hard cash over the 5 years but your vehicle may only be worth £4,500 after 5 years which means you have to find almost £2000 to pay off the finance balloon with Deal A.

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Finance acceptance subject to status.

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